How it Works

Instant Alert Network
  • Fully customizable
  • Geo-location capability that provides the location of the person who triggers an alert
  • Push notifications that do not require a cellular signal to send alerts via text message
  • Dynamic button selection of up to six different alert types from an extensive menu of available options
  • Improved app monitoring and system administration features
How it Works

Click the image below to view a chart depicting how the IAN system works.

IAN Flow Chart

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How it Works

IAN enables your employees to become the eyes and ears of your campus or location, and to quickly respond to any threat. The advanced IAN technology uses smartphones to instantly trigger both text and email alerts at a low cost.

"When Seconds Count
to Help Save Lives"

1. IAN App

Press the IAN icon to open the app.

IAN App Icon on Phone

2. IAN Home Screen

Press the desired alert button to trigger an IAN alert.

IAN Home Screen

3. Send Alert Screen

Once a specified alert button has been pressed, clicking the red "Send Alert" button will initiate the alert.

IAN Send Alert Screen

4. Alert Confirmation Screen

When the alert has successfully been transmitted, a screen with a green check mark will appear. Press the "Back" button to return to the home screen.

IAN Alert Confirmation

5. Alert Text Screen

An alert will be texted to you and all other recipients you have set up on your network. An e-mail will also be sent to the recipients.

IAN Alert Text Screen IAN Alert Email Message

6. GPS Notification

A second alert will be texted and e-mailed with the location of the person who triggered the alert.