Instant Alert Network

Between 2000-2018, there were


Active shooter events at
colleges and universities resulting in


combined injuries and fatalities.

Technology Solutions for College and University Campus Security

"Every Second Counts in Saving Lives"

IAN enables your faculty and staff to become the eyes and ears of your campus, vigilantly searching for any threat. The IAN technology places a mobile "panic button" in the hands of your faculty and staff with a free IAN iPhone® or Android® application.

Your faculty and staff become an extension of campus security by using the smartphone application to instantly trigger an alert in the case of a threat or emergency. Immediately notifying administration, law enforcement, and first responders saves lives and minimizes response time.

Safety Benefits:

  • "Panic Button" technology in the hands of your faculty and staff
  • Save lives by immediately notifying everyone on campus, administration and emergency responders
  • Utilize your on-site security and facility employees as an extension of emergency services
  • Display IAN decals on campus buildings to deter a potential threat
  • Faculty, staff, administrators, and campus security are trained on possible defense actions such as clearing halls, locking doors, and closing windows until the "All Clear" signal is given
  • Silence the alert at the trigger point to secure the safety of everyone within close vicinity of the threat


  • Notify emergency responders of the location of the threat using GPS
  • Personalize user groups who can send and/or receive alerts, texts, push notifications and e-mails
  • Unlimited group assignments
  • Instantly connect to local emergency services using the direct dial feature and increase response time
  • The "All Clear" message can be sent directly to your staff using two different methods
  • Established procedures reduce false alarms
  • Customize IAN’s appearance, alarms, notifications and alert settings to meet your specifications