Instant Alert Network


Active shooter events
Have occurred at
schools, colleges, or universities



of school attacks are perpetrated
by students or former students.

Technology Solutions for School Security

"Every Second Counts in Saving Lives"

IAN enables your staff and teachers to become the eyes and ears of your school, vigilantly searching for any threat. The advanced IAN technology uses a Smartphone application to instantly trigger an alert throughout school faculty, staff and administration notifying law enforcement, and first responders immediately.

Place a mobile "panic button" in the hands of your teachers, staff, and school administration with the free IAN iPhone® or Android® application. Alert everyone on campus, law enforcement and first responders to the location of the threat through real-time notifications and alerts.

Safety Benefits:

  • "Panic Button" technology in the hands of your teachers and staff faced with a serious threat.
  • Seconds count. Most school shootings last less than 20 minutes.
  • Save lives by instantly notifying everyone on campus, administration and emergency responders.
  • Instantly notify emergency responders of the location of the threat using GPS.
  • Display IAN decals on campus to deter a potential threat.
  • Teachers, staff, and campus security are trained on possible defense actions such as clearing halls, locking doors, and closing windows until the "all clear" signal is given.
  • Silence the alert at the trigger point to secure the safety of everyone within close vicinity of the threat.


  • Customizable user groups to identify who can send and/or receive alerts, texts, push notifications and e-mails.
  • Unlimited group assignments.
  • Maximize your campus’ safety by personalizing screen icons to meet your specific needs.
  • Instantly connect to local emergency services using the direct dial feature and increase response time.
  • Satisfies the Multi-Hazard Emergency Plan requirement.
  • "All clear" response is sent directly from the IAN website by a credentialed, authorized user.
  • Customize IAN’s appearance, alarms, notifications and alert settings to meet your specifications.