Emergency Services
Instant Alert Network

In 2017, there were


total deaths at
Faith-Based Organizations, out of


reported incidents.

There have been


Deadly Force Incidents (DFI's)
at Faith-Based Organizations
in the U.S. since 1999, with


resulting in death.

Technology Solutions for Protecting Your Place of Worship

"Every Second Counts in Saving Lives"

The IAN system provides a safe and secure place of worship for your staff, volunteers, and congregation at all times. Expand your current safety protocol to incorporate the eyes and ears of all your staff and volunteers to increase response time in the event of a threat or emergency. IAN alerts a designated group of users of all potential threats by using a free iPhone® or Android® application as a mobile "panic button."

Whether using a silent alarm for protection during downtime against a potentially unstable individual or alerting emergency services of a larger threat IAN is customizable to meet your specific needs no matter your size.

Safety Benefits:

  • Your staff and volunteers are your best and first line of defense
  • Utilize your on-site security and facility employees as an extension of emergency services
  • Save lives with real-time notifications and alerts in the event of an emergency or threat
  • Instantly notify staff and emergency responders of the location of the threat using GPS


  • Customizable user groups identify who can send and/or receive alerts, texts, push notifications and e-mails
  • No minimum number of users required
  • Silent and alarm notifications available
  • Maximize your place of worship’s by personalizing the user screen meet your specific needs
  • Instantly connect to local emergency services using the direct dial feature and reduce response time