Instant Alert Network

Reported by the
Bureau of Labor Statistics Census,
of the


fatal workplace injuries
that occurred in the U.S. in 2017,


were workplace homicides.

Technology Solutions for Business and Corporate Security

"Every Second Counts in Saving Lives"

IAN enables your employees to be the first line of defense for their safety using a free iPhone® or Android® application as a mobile "panic button." A text message, push notification or email is sent immediately to all employees, law enforcement and emergency services in the event of an emergency or threat.

Expand your current safety protocol to incorporate the eyes and ears of all your employees to instantly notify your designation groups, determined in the setup process of installing IAN.

Safety Benefits:

  • Your employees are your best and first line of defense.
  • Utilize your on-site security and facility employees as an extension of emergency services.
  • Save lives with real-time notifications and alerts in the event of an emergency or threat.
  • Notify first responders to the location of an emergency or threat using GPS technology.
  • Every employee with a Smartphone iPhone® or Android® has the ability to send a panic alert.
  • Display IAN decals on windows and entrances to deter a potential threat.
  • Customize alerts and notifications to maintain the safety of everyone within close vicinity of the emergency or threat.


  • Customizable user groups to identify who can send and/or receive alerts, texts, push notifications and emails.
  • Determine individual users in unlimited group assignments.
  • Personalize the user screen to meet your specific needs.
  • Instantly connect to local emergency services using the direct dial feature and increase response time.
  • IAN utilizes Microsoft® server hosting at three worldwide locations with 99.99% dependability.
  • IAN iPhone® and Android® technology is used by over 85% of Smartphone users.
  • "All clear" response is sent directly from the IAN website by a credentialed, authorized user.